Spear-21 Treble Hook UVO

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SPEAR-21 Treble Hook UVO

The BKK Fangs BT621-UVO (Spear 21 UVO) is developed for deep freshwater applications to allow anglers to fish a wide range of low light conditions, especially deep and dark waters, ensuring that predator species can spot the lure or the bait.

BKK’s Orange Ultra Violet (UV) paint delivers high contrast, visibility and glows when there is UV light available in the water column.  UV light is able to penetrate down into the water much deeper than visible light.

Besides, the BT621-UVO features a round bend and fine wire (1X) that allow for a quick and deep penetration.

An accurately forged hook shank increases the strength by up to 20%, resulting in a much more durable hook.

Furthermore, the moderate length of the hook shank allows the hook to be used with different types of baits such as swimbait, crankbait, minnow and topwater baits.

BKK Fangs BT621-UVO trebles are highly recommended for sea trout anglers as Estonian anglers have got excellent results with these hooks.

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